Projects Define My Success

My success is defined by high quality projects and the attention to detail of the professionals with whom I work. Following is a partial list of outstanding architects I am associated with, as well as recent projects I have completed.

Acclaimed Architects:  John Pawson, Jack Snow, Larry Yaw, Dave Gibson, Charles Cunniffe, Michael Fuller

Local Architects:  Ron Bercovitz, Jamie Brewster, CCY Architects, Tom Conyers, Marla Croke, E. Cummings, Russell Gies, Connie Giles,  James Hardy, Tommy Hein,  Tony Martin, Craig Melvin, Steve Morten, One Architects, Peter Sante, Lea Sisson, Trulinea

Residential Projects:  Barish, Barnhill, Bear Creek Lofts, Bennett, Bowman, Canyon Point, Caputo, Chang/Chavkin, Delves, Dwight, Dyer, Element 52 Auberge Residences, Ferenbach, Fiergever, Frazier Homestead, Gallagher, Geldbaugh, Giampiertro, Gray Head HOA Cabin, Greene, Hackett, Healy, Hein, Historic 251, Hondros, Inyanga, Jodlowski, Johansson, Kirk, Knights Bridge, Kurtz, Lenihan Residence, Lewis Theater, Marilyn Court, Miller, Osborne, Pa Gomo, Pittman, Pugh Residence, Reid, Rice, Roberts, Ross, Royer, Rudick, Sabine, Shambaugh, Sonnenfeld, Spitzer, Stonegate, Stoup, Swyka, Tompkins, Trinity, Tristant, Van der Mije, Vaughan, Wilson Vista, Walsh, Wolinetz

Commercial Projects:  Auberge Residences, Element 52, Baked in Telluride, Hotel Columbia, Mountain Village Parking Garage, Peaks Hotel, Race Hill Lighting, See Forever Phase II, Star Clothing, Town of Telluride Holiday Lighting

Current Projects*: Marilyn Court, Park City UT, Cook, Telluride, CO, Purdom, Mountain Village, CO
*photos will be up as soon as they are available.

Many of these projects are featured in the Gallery section of this website.

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