Form and Function

PaGomo Living

Your clients look to you for plans that provide more than structural integrity and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.  They’re relying on you to help them create an environment designed to make them feel comfortable, secure, and satisfied.  You’re looking for enhancements and amenities that will enable them to fully appreciate the living space you so carefully designed.  I will work with you to give your clients the lighting and control that enhance your architectural design.

I would like to be your collaborative partner from the beginning stages of design until project completion.  I will work from your architectural, floor, reflected ceiling, MEP, and landscape plans to ensure that the lighting your clients want are fully integrated with your design.   A well thought out lighting design will highlight the architectural features of the home, while providing lighting levels that create the warmth and comfort your clients expect.

My lighting design incorporates natural daylight in relation to the building site and shading solutions to minimize glare. Decorative fixtures are specifically meant to compliment the building materials and interior design.

My decorative specifications during the design phase provides valuable information (elevation, orientation, and scale) for the architects detailed interior drawings.

I can help you offer your clients:

  • Dark Sky issues and local design review requirements
  • Energy efficient LED technology
  • Lighting systems throughout your home, which at the press of a button will match your mood
  • Since 2000 I have been a certified programmer of Lutron and Lite Touch Dimming Systems. Recently I added Crestron and Vantage to the list of my certifications with integrated home systems.
  • Ambient and decorative lighting that compliment the interior design and architecture as well as custom designed fixtures, fiber optic ceilings, indirect cove lighting, and floating cabinets
  • Responsive, easy to use climate comfort controls, motorized windows, and Sivoia QED motorized shades